UW Mentorship : Dr. Suzanne McNeill

By: Sarah D’Angelo (1st yr) and Celine Pitre (2nd yr)

Over the winter break, we had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Suzanne McNeill, owner of Crown Point Optometry, in Hamilton, ON. During our visit with Dr. McNeill, she discussed with us her experience transitioning from optometry school, to life as a new graduate, to her eventual purchase of her own clinic. She highlighted important knowledge she obtained during these experiences such as having the opportunity to work at various practices to see how different offices operate, and reasonable employer requests when signing your first contract. Now that Dr. McNeill has become her own boss, she spoke to us about her ability to control her own schedule, and how she was able to expand her practice and pursue her passion in Vision Therapy. She also introduced updates and new equipment to her clinic that we had the chance to see during our tour of her office.

Left to Right: Dr. Suzanne McNeill, Sarah D’Angelo, Celine Pitre