UW Mentorship: Dr. Tai

Authors: Meraj Iqbalzada, Kimberly Kishi and Brij Patel

We had a very welcoming and wonderful CAOS mentorship program experience with Dr. Fabian Tai, who owns a trendy and futuristic designed private practice in Mississauga, Dr. Fabian Tai & Associates. His emerging passion in binocular vision therapy has persuaded dr. Tai to completely renovate his clinic in order to incorporate VT space on site. Our visit with Dr. Tai had two parts, first of all he kindly shared his experience as he guided us around his clinic and discussed his philosophy on the clinic’s set up, design, patient flow, importance of VT and patient-doctor relationships. Secondly, he took us out for dinner, where he generously spent more focused time getting to know us. As we shared laughter over the dinner table, dr. Tai unconditionally shared his knowledge, wisdom, and advice on the importance of practicing optometry at its greatest quality while giving back to the community through volunteering opportunities as well as the importance of maintaining strong bonds with family and friends. It was a fun evening meeting and greeting Dr. Tai where we gained novel perspective on the importance of having a balanced work-life style as we continue with our school and life journey.

Optometry students, from left, Meraj Iqbalzada (2nd year), Brij Patel (3rd year), Kim Kishi (2nd year), and Dr. Fabian Tai (OD), pictured on the right.

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