UW Mentorship: Dr. Tai

Our group had the opportunity to visit Dr. Fabian Tai in Mississauga at Dr. Fabian Tai & Associates. Dr. Tai showed us around his beautiful office and showed us his unique office flow. He explained how his office runs, which includes Primary Care and Vision Therapy. At his office, they utilize different imaging tools such as OCT and Optomap. He also showed us his vision therapy room and the front desk organization.

Dr. Tai explained his story, from graduation to owning his own practice; some of the factors that go into deciding where you want to practice, management of office staff and establishing yourself as a specialist. Dr. Tai started in corporate optometry and decided quickly that it wasn’t how he wanted to practice. He went on to cold start his practice in Mississauga. Since then, he’s trained many vision therapists and established himself in the VT community. The three of us are very interested in vision therapy, so it was fantastic to learn more about how to get your foot in the door and how he developed himself and his VT practice after deciding not to go ahead with a residency.

Dr. Tai gave us invaluable information about what to expect and how to proceed after graduation. He also gave us contacts in different provinces for us to get in touch with during our externships to start developing our network. Overall, we had a great visit with Dr. Tai, gained valuable insight and an important connection with a future colleague!

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