UW Mentorship: Dr. Tai

Authors: Vaakiny Raguthevan, Sydney Kaumanns, Jessica Chong

Our first impression of Dr. Tai’s clinic was that it was very aesthetically appealing, with a strong presence of nature inspired decor, creating a very comfortable environment. When we arrived, Dr. Tai came in to greet us with a warm welcome and sat down with us to talk about what we were interested in learning about his practice and the profession of optometry.

Dr. Tai began by asking us why we chose optometry. We were surprised when we found this question difficult to answer. He reminded us to never to lose sight of why optometry is our passion and to keep this in mind as challenges can often be discouraging. Dr. Tai’s passion for problem solving was evident in the stories of patients he shared with us and explained that in practice there often isn’t a simple solution to every problem. He emphasized the importance of constant learning and pushing to reinvent yourself, by staying up to date with the newest techniques and technologies to ensure that you can offer the best services. He also explained the importance of enjoying optometry outside of the clinic, by participating in volunteer trips and using our education to further contribute to society.

After our conversation, Dr. Tai proceeded to take us on a tour of his clinic – there was a large area dedicated to vision therapy, in which many patients notice an immediate improvement with simple vision therapy techniques. Dr. Tai spoke about the services he offers for patients who suffer from vision and balance problems resulting from traumatic brain injuries and concussions, emphasising the importance of vision therapy and its ability to drastically change the lives of his patients.

We’d like to give a huge thank you to Dr. Tai for sharing his valuable advice and experiences with us.

Dr. Tai (left), Vaakiny Raguthevan, Sydney Kaumanns, Jessica Chong (right)

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