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UW Mentorship: Dr. Tom Wilk

Written by Alison Wong (1st year)

I had the pleasure of spending a day with Dr. Tom Wilk, owner of Mountain View Optometry in Cochrane, AB.

Dr. Wilk established his thriving private practice over 20 years ago and most recently specialized in dry eye management. Along side at-home treatments, Dr. Wilk offers state of the art in-office interventions for his patients. His dry eye practice incorporates the innovative diagnostic technology Idra (ocular surface analyser) and therapies such as radio frequency or intense pulsed light. Highlights from our day together include observing a dry eye assessment, a nasolacrimal duct irrigation and an ingrown eyelash removal. Throughout the day, Dr. Wilk was happy to answer all my questions and share insights from his many years of experience. One of our discussions included excitement over the expanding scope of optometry practice to one day include minor procedures such as follicle ablation. Dr. Wilk also shared his advice on how to grow a private practice and the value of incorporating a specialty within an existing practice for both patients and the business.

A sincere thank you to Dr. Wilk and the team at Mountain View Optometry for their generosity in hosting this visit, as well as the CAOS Mentorship Program for connecting us.


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