UW Mentorship: Dr. Vyas

Authors: Lisa Tay, Jason Chau, Quinton Yau, and Jocelyn Leung

Upon arrival at the St. Clair Eye Clinic, we were warmly greeted by the friendly staff members (a dispenser and front desk receptionist) and Dr. Neel Vyas. Dr. Vyas completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo before attending the Indiana University School of Optometry. After graduation, he worked as an associate in Scarborough, ON and later moved on to purchase a private practice. In the near future, the clinic will be renovated to include two exam lanes instead of one.

Their office is clean and spacious with a single wall of display glasses and a mini gallery of photos from Dr. Vyas’ volunteer trips to Kenya and Mexico. Their clinic sees a variety of patients but mainly specializes in glaucoma, red-eye emergencies, and primary eye care. During the quick tour, Dr. Vyas showed us the latest technology and software used in his office where he showed great enthusiasm in his OCT machine and a new wide-angle camera that he plans to purchase. Interestingly, Dr. Vyas is also involved in the development and testing of a beta EMR software.

Over dinner at a nearby restaurant, Dr. Vyas answered our questions and gave us valuable advice on how to start and advance a career in optometry. He emphasized the importance of networking and seeing large volumes of patients in order to improve and expand our clinical experiences. He also gave us advice on how to build and manage a business while permitting time for himself and his family. Through our conversation, Dr. Vyas demonstrates himself to be a knowledgeable and professional optometrist that stays true to his principles in order to provide the highest quality of eye care.

Overall, we had an incredible learning experience with Dr. Vyas and left with new insight!

Left to Right: Lisa Tay (1st year), Dr. Neel Vyas, Jason Chau (3rd year), Quinton Yau (2nd year), and Jocelyn Leung (3rd year)