UW Mentorship: Dr.Vyas

Authors: Jenny Zhang, Chelsea Lutyk, Shalina Amlani, Katrina Li

We would like to thank Dr. Vyas to visit us to his wonderful practice and share his personal experience in his optometric journey. Our visit started with a tour of his modern and cozy practice in Toronto that specializes in glaucoma. Dr. Vyas first introduced us to his amazing team and showed us some latest imaging technology (Zeiss) and explained how the advanced technology these days make the office so efficient that he could see approximately 20-25 patients/day.

After taking a tour of the clinic, we went out to dinner with Dr. Vyas. During dinner, Dr. Vyas shared his own experience in the field with us. He stressed that optometry is not just about refraction or air-puff anymore; to be a competent health practitioner, it’s necessary to always keep ourselves updated on the latest technology, participating in continuing education, and building a healthy relationship with the patients and especially paying attention to what our patients expect from us. Dr. Vyas also highlighted the importance of liking the community that we choose to practice in and finding co-workers that fit in our personality. If these two requirements are met, said Dr. Vyas, our work will be much more enjoyable. During our talk with Dr. Vyas, we learned about Dr. Vyas’ passion in optometry and his love in life and his family. Dr. Vyas works 4 days per week with full passion; and for the rest of the week, he enjoys playing sports and spends time with his families. Dr. Vyas even told us that he enjoyed his job so much that he will work until he’s 70s.

We thoroughly enjoyed our mentorship visit here. Thank you Dr. Vyas and CAOS!