UW Mentorship: Dr. Yi

Dr Yi is an open and engaging mentor. She was more than willing to share her story and answer our questions about practice management. Her experience as an associate who eventually took over her current practice was valuable and we appreciated her willingness to share her experience with us! Dr. Yi invited her new associate, Dr. Chang to our lunch so that we could compare the differences of a new graduate’s experience to Dr. Yi’s experience in the optometric field. We also learned a little more about Dr. Chang’s experiences as a new doctor, which is a challenge we will all be facing in the next few years.

Her clinic has a modern and welcoming dispensary filled with frames for women, men and children. She was able to remodel the unit into a bright, open concept area. Her tour and explanation of the layout of her clinic provided us with insight on how to organize a clinic if necessary in our futures.

Dr. Yi explained her experience from her studies, to her practice, with some lessons she’s learned along the way. Her words included advice as well, which we will carry forward with us!

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