UW Mentorship : Dr. Yuen

By: Halina Li and Angeline Hong

Over the winter break we had the pleasure of visiting FYi Markham where Dr. Yuen currently works. As soon as we walked through the door we saw its well-designed and spacious dispensary. FYi has a wide selection of frame lines ranging from budget-friendly to luxury brands that are available to meet its patients’ needs. They also carry eye care related products such as drops, eye masks, and low vision aids. The entire office is well-lit, clean, and modern, and the office staff was very welcoming and friendly. As we waited for Dr. Yuen to finish his last patient’s exam, we noticed numerous thank you cards written by patients displayed along the wall behind the waiting area which reveals a sense of trust and satisfaction for the level of care provided by the doctors.

After the last patient left, Dr. Yuen showed us around the clinic that’s equipped with the latest technology in retinal imaging and dry eye treatments, including an Optos, LipiView, and Lipiflow. We were fascinated that each exam lane had a rotatable computer stand arm attached to the wall – this is an excellent idea in that instead of turning your back away from the patient to record things on the computer, the optometrist can now face the patient while typing at the same time. As we walked further into the clinic, Dr. Yuen showed us a room specifically for contact lens teach to give patients privacy. He also demonstrated the use of a LipiScan and its value when it comes to showing patients their dry eye signs via tear break-up time, meniscus height, meibomian gland drop-out, etc. When we present the conditions in a visual way, it’s easier for patients to understand the condition they have and what we can do to treat it.

After the clinic tour, Dr. Yuen treated us to lunch at a near-by cafe in the same plaza. As a recent graduate himself Dr. Yuen shared with us his experiences and insights on the transition from school to the real world. We discussed the importance of networking, finding your passion within optometry, remuneration models, associateship etc. He also discussed the FYi model that we weren’t too familiar with prior to the visit. With a saturated job market in the GTA, Dr. Yuen is a hustler as he now works at 4 practices, 6 days a week. Even though the job outlook is looking bleak in metropolitan areas, he encouraged us to put ourselves out there and work hard as we can still do well and practice to our full potential should we choose to.

Overall it has been an amazing opportunity to spend a Saturday afternoon with Dr. Yuen. We received advice and pointers that we would not have gotten from school alone. We would like to thank Dr. Yuen for hosting and taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us.