Representing Canadian optometry students since 1990


We don’t know what we don’t know. 


That’s partly why we enter optometry school, in order to learn the skills and background necessary to be excellent clinicians; but I believe that is only half the battle. There are many different aspects of the profession we are not always exposed to in school, and that’s where CAOS can step in. 


As president of CAOS, I am passionate about using our platform to better serve our student body and supplement your time at school. As an association we operate with the students’ best interest in mind, crafting programs, social events and industry partnerships with that key mentality. 


Some problems we face include aspects of legislation and government that have continually hindered our ability to practice, but how best can we address these issues? - and what about our role as individual practice owners, navigating the world of business? - where do we start? If you have these questions (or didn't even know that these were questions you could have), we are working to help provide those answers. 


My goals as president are to:

  • Increase public awareness of optometry and our scope of practice via online social media platforms and community engagement. 

  • Advocate on behalf of students, voicing our concerns to optometry stakeholders

  • Educating students on the politicization of optometry, bringing awareness of current trends in the profession 

  • Supplement didactic learning with real life experience and opportunities to engage with working professionals


I would challenge you to get involved, learn and do as much as you can within your four years of school. You will have opportunities to meet key stakeholders in the profession, learn from the best, and advance your career, all while you’re still in school. CAOS is that opportunity. 

Cedrick Mah

CAOS President 2020-2021