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CAOS is a membership that keeps on giving! Sign up once and be a member for life!
We at CAOS work hard to deliver new educational content and programs that will enrich your experience and professional development over your four years at school. CAOS collaborates with the associations to provide you with a unified voice and advocate for you in dictating the future of optometry in Canada.


Complete a Student Member Sign Up Form (linked below)


Complete payment with info shown upon registration


Approved within 48 hours of submission


Welcome to CAOS! Access all student resources and more!

Your CAOS Student Membership provides numerous membership perks and opportunities to attend enriching educational programs, lectures and workshops that supplement your academics!

More details on membership perks below!


CAOS Optometry Backpack (courtesy of EyeRecommend) 
100 Free CAOS business cards (courtesy of the CAO) 
CAOS lapel pin (for white coat) 
Dioptre ruler sticker for your occluder 
CAOS Newsletter 
Access to our many programs & resources! Read more below. 

UWOVS Student: $60

Non-UWOVS Student: $20

CAOS lapel pin (for white coat) 
Dioptre ruler sticker for your occluder 
CAOS Newsletter 
Access to our many programs & resources! Read more below. 

Register through the link above & complete your membership payment via the information provided on the screen shown after registration.

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CAOS Student Membership Perks

CAOS Summer Internship Program

Looking for a summer job? CAOS organizes this program to connect first and second year optometry students to a doctor to find summer employment at an optometrist’s office.

CAOS Mentorship Program

Our most popular program allows students to visit the office of a practicing optometrist that has offered to provide a tour of their clinic. The visit often includes a lunch or dinner with the doctor, which serves as an excellent opportunity to ask more questions about how to start a practice, lifestyle, salary and more! Sign-ups begin at the start of October. We also have a list of specialty clinics such as sports vision, dry eye, vision therapy and low vision clinics that members may be able to visit.

CAOS Professional Development Lecture Series

CAOS brings you a series of lectures focusing on topics that enhances our member’s professional knowledge base and skills that can be applied clinically. We invite esteemed optometrists, ophthalmologists and other health professionals to share their insights, clinical pearls, and latest in evidence-based medicine. We invite the Williams Group each year to speak about private practice as well!

iCare EyeCare Community Outreach Opportunity

Throughout the year, groups of students go on campus, into community centres, and shopping centres to educate the public about the importance of comprehensive eye exams and what a Doctor of Optometry does.

CAOS also organizes various special events:

  • CAOS Kick-Off (Orientation Week event) 

  • OAO Town Hall Meeting

  • Interview Day– Round robin interviews invites hiring OD’s across Canada
    to employ new graduates (every April)

  • Montreal Trip & CAOS Cups

  • EyeRecommend Practice Management Talk

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