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Joining the CAOS Doctor Network is free! Your involvement will be greatly valued as it will go to improve the next generation of ODs and create unity in our profession. By registering into The CAOS Doctor Network database, you are not making any formal commitment. Instead, you will be kept up to date on exclusive opportunities to partner with us to make a difference in the future of optometry in Canada.

By signing up, you will have free access to the following opportunities:

Post classifieds for free on our OD Job Board 

  • Looking for a new associate for your practice? Need an OD to fill in for maternity leave? Selling a practice? Our new completely redesigned website is the go-to page for optometry students and new grads in Canada!
    Click here to read more about how to post a job!


Hire a graduate at Interview Day hosted on the University of Waterloo campus!

  • Come out to Waterloo and have a chance to interview dozens of new graduates every April and find the perfect associate for your practice! A small participation fee applies.


Add postings to our Internship Program

  • This is the perfect opportunity to find summer staff relief while your optometric assistant go on summer vacation! Hire a 1st or 2nd year optometry intern in the summer or locally during school months for reliable work in pre-testing, dispensing and administration. This opportunity allows you to mentor students and allow them to gain exposure to the front of office set ups and practice settings. The Internship Program includes all provinces.
    Click here for more details on how to submit Internship postings! 


Participate in our office visit Mentorship Program

  • Host an office visit during the school year. Give a tour of your office to several students and wind down the night with a fun outing for dinner, while offering insights and wisdom on practicing optometry.This has been a CAOS favourite for both students and ODs! Click here to read about past Mentorship visits.


Guest Speaking

  • Have the opportunity to guest speak and present at our lectures. Interested in visiting as a guest speaker? Contact our Professional Development Team at

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