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December 2022: Kiana Lambert

Kiana Lambert is a 3rd year student at Pacific University College of Optometry (PUCO). She grew up in Calgary, Alberta and moved to Victoria, British Columbia to complete her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a concentration in Neurobiology at the University of Victoria. Kiana has dreamed of becoming an optometrist since she was in junior high school. She wanted to pursue a career that would allow her to be challenged while helping others and she enjoys working in the healthcare field.

Prior to optometry school, Kiana worked as an optometric technician in both Calgary, Alberta and Sidney, British Columbia, which gave her an insight into the amazing profession of optometry. She is currently involved in activities through PUCO as well as in the community.

She volunteers with the outreach team at PUCO to provide residents in Oregon with eyecare. She is a member of AMIGOS VOSH at Pacific which allowed her to travel to Salem, Oregon for a weekend to provide eyecare to underserved populations. She is currently the president of the CAOS PUCO chapter and has served as the class representative for the last three years. Kiana

has organized events that bring in Canadian companies and organizations to discuss

opportunities, and she organized the Canadian Thanksgiving dinner and other student

engagement events. Her attendance at the annual BCDO conference has helped shape PUCO’s

engagement with the Canadian optometry community and she looks forward to attending the

conference again in the future.

At PUCO Kiana has been in primary care clinic for the last six months and has rotated through

the vision therapy and contact lens specialty clinics. She looks forward to rotating through the ocular disease specialty in the spring before going on her external rotations next year. She has a passion for dry eye and the new innovations related to that aspect of eye care, and in the future she hopes to have a practice to incorporate that passion. In her free time, Kiana enjoys hiking, going to the beach, cooking, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.


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