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Explore Job Opportunities: Three Key Benefits to Working in Independent Optometry

What is Independent Optometry?

Independent practice owners have the freedom to make choices that suit them best, allowing them to run their practice while also building equity, growing their business, and delivering exceptional patient care.

Eye Recommend is Canada’s premier network of independent optometrists. With a network of almost 600 practices across Canada, Eye Recommend connects you with a network of members offering summer internships, associate positions and potential partnership opportunities should you want to take on an ownership stake. 

Why Work at an Eye Recommend Clinic

  1. Explore Different Specialties

The Eye Recommend network of independent practices believes in providing comprehensive care to both patients and communities. The network offers a wide range of specialties, including:

  • Full-scope dry eye management

  • Vision therapy

  • Myopia management

  • Low vision services

  • Medical aesthetics

  • And more

Diving into these specialties, can help discover your passions, enhance your skill sets, and determine the direction of your career.

  1. Continuity of Patient Care

Practices within the independent optometry landscape use a full-scope approach to patient care and customer service giving owners the autonomy to guide their patient’s journey, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. This hands-on experience not only deepens your clinical expertise but also fosters stronger patient relationships, setting you apart as a trusted healthcare provider.

  1. Receive a Signing Bonus after Graduation

Set yourself up for long-term success through our Looking Forward Program. We offer an exciting opportunity for students to earn a signing bonus of up to $25,000. This program is available to students who join an existing member practice post-graduation. The earlier you sign up, the higher the bonus you will receive! 

Ready to take your next steps towards your future? Discover the opportunities that await you at Eye Recommend.


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