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Eye Recommend and Independent Optometry

Eye Recommend strives to pave the way and supports true independent optometry across Canada. As a cooperative with a network of over 1,300 independent optometry owners, Eye Recommend helps to provide business management and personal resources to ensure overall business success for members. But what does being an ‘independent optometry owner’ really mean? Independent optometry owners have freedom of choice, meaning they are in the driver’s seat to make any and all decisions regarding how their practice is run. This includes hiring and staff management, selection of products and service offerings, specialties, equipment, pricing, patient care, practice policies and processes, hours of operation, location(s), sustainability practices, philanthropic endeavours, community involvement, marketing, advertising, and all brand related initiatives. This freedom of choice allows independent optometrists the ability to build equity for themselves, grow their practice and provide the best medical care with a top-level patient experience. It is an investment in their careers and future lifestyle, giving them the choice to hire an associate or partner to accommodate flexible schedules, family life and retirement opportunities. Being part of Eye Recommend gives independent optometrists access to a valuable network of like-minded peers, resources, and business support so they can work for themselves, not by themselves.


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