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Eye Recommend – Who we are and what it means to be a member of our cooperative

With a focus on training, networking, technology, and shared resources, Eye Recommend (ER) was founded in 2001 in Alberta and has since expanded to over 1,300 optometrists coast to coast. Their mission is to support independent optometrists by providing freedom of choice and business management and personal resources to ensure practice success. “Eye Recommend is member focused. We encourage networking and sharing of ideas amongst our members and leverage the power of our network to bring the best technology, resources, and services in order to enhance the business performance of each practice. Before making a decision, we always ask – ‘How will this benefit our members?’,” Lee Raffey, ER CEO. ER members benefit from choices with a variety of business solutions, consolidated monthly billing, supplier discounts and, exclusive access to Doctor Recommend (D|R) lenses. With over 500 clinics across Canada, ER has considerable power to provide members with the resources needed to be successful. Each practice has a dedicated certified business coach and trainer who as a combined team, work with each practice to help identify opportunities, solve challenges, and assist in the overall success of the practice. Whether you’re looking for training or networking opportunities for yourself or your staff, ER holds one of the most comprehensive industry leading events twice a year called the National Training Event (NTE). These events are led by world-class industry professionals and cover a range of topics from optometry specific to general business solutions with the single goal of providing networking opportunities and education to better enhance the performance of member clinics. In addition to these National Training Events, ER provides a host of local training and networking opportunities, which are focused on the local communities of our member clinics. Eye Recommend is a registered cooperative in Canada and is governed by a board of directors elected by the membership to ensure that the focus of ER is always benefiting members. Eye Recommend prides itself on providing choices to independent optometrists throughout the practice journey to achieve success the way they want.


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