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February 2021: Heidi MacDonald

The Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS) is happy to announce that the February 2021 Student Doctor of the Month goes to Heidi MacDonald, from the New England College of Optometry!

Heidi deserves to be Student Doctor of the Month for the CAOS NECO chapter because she has displayed excellent character as both a student in the classroom and in the clinic. Heidi has a knack for relating to patients and making them feel comfortable everyday in patient care. Not only has Heidi had great academic success, but also outside the classroom, in activities such as running marathons. During optometry school, Heidi has trained and qualified for the Boston Marathon, an honor that not many people can say they have done in their lifetime, let alone while studying optometry.

While in school, Heidi has rotated through multiple health centers and private practices where she consistently demonstrates hard work and passion for the career. Next year, wherever Heidi ends up, she will continue with this mindset, leading her to success. Even though Heidi's time in Boston will come to an end soon, the next step in her career will be exciting.

Heidi is a student doctor deserving of this recognition. It is evident that Heidi will build on all of the success she has had at NECO in order to become a widely respected optometrist in the future.


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