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February 2023: Reeta Ibrahim

Reeta is a first year student at the New England College of Optometry (NECO). She grew up in Whitby, Ontario and earned her Bachelor of Science degree with a Minor in Sustainability at Ontario Tech University. Reeta has had a passion for optometry since grade 9 after shadowing a doctor who specialized in vision therapy. It sparked her interest to join a unique career that is ever so growing and esteemed.

Before starting optometry school, Reeta worked as an optometric technician in her home town which gave her lots of experience and insight into optometry. She has displayed a highly professional character as a student and in providing patient care this past semester. She makes patients feel comfortable by her ability to empathize, maintain confidentiality, and being a kind-hearted individual.

In her spare time, Reeta enjoys going on walks, singing, and traveling. Reeta is excited to enter the clinic in her next year to consistently provide excellent care. She is a student deserving of this recognition, and by having a driven mindset, will lead her to success to becoming a highly respected optometrist in the future.


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