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June 2022: Gurleen Singh

Gurleen Singh is a 3rd year student at Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She was born in Toronto, Ontario and moved out to the west side of Canada with her family at a young age. Gurleen attended University of Alberta in Edmonton and graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree. Prior to starting optometry school, Gurleen worked as an ophthalmic technician at an MD/OD practice, where she gained valuable experience working with patients. She also volunteered for the Canadian National Institute of the Blind (CNIB), which further drove her passion to apply for optometry school. During her free time, Gurleen enjoys dancing, going on walks, spending time with friends and family, and watching NBA! She loves to travel and can’t wait to go back to the Rocky Mountains!

She is currently a member of the Beta Sigma Kappa society and has been the class representative for CAOS for the past three years. She also serves as the AOSA Trustee for NOVA, in which she has taken part in advocating for the profession, and hosting events at school. In the past year she represented the NOVA chapter at the Optometry’s Meeting in Denver, where she collaborated with student trustees from other schools and attended informative seminars that were tailored to student success. She will be in attendance for the upcoming meeting in Chicago next month, where she is looking forward to growing her leadership skills, networking, bringing forth new ideas, while making new friends!

Gurleen entered primary care clinic this semester and she will also be doing two rotations, in the low vision and pediatrics clinic. She is extremely dedicated to performing at the best of her abilities and is actively working towards improving her skills as a student optometric physician to ultimately provide the best quality care for her future patients. In the future, Gurleen hopes to be an inspiration for future students.


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