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May 2016: Alexandra Farquhar

Alexandra Farquhar is an optometry student at the University of Waterloo School of Optometry. Third year was quite the milestone for her. At the end of April, Alex will be ending her year-long term as the University of Waterloo Optometry Student Society (UWOSS) President, where she has made many accomplishments. Recently, she worked with the UW Federation of Students to remove Clearly from the student insurance plan. This has been a long struggle for UWOSS, but students are now encouraged to visit Optometry clinics and dispensaries. She also rallied and succeeded to save our student body’s right to keep living in CLV North residency when the staff members said it would not be possible any longer. She has also done a fantastic job as a student representative to the faculty, and even organized a crosswalk to be built outside the Optometry building for student and patient safety.

Alex is also a member of the Waterloo Health Professions Committee, a group that is dedicated to bringing together all of the different health profession students in the Waterloo region. She’s been actively involved with them since her first year of Optometry school. She’s worked on creating case studies to show students how they can work together with different health professionals to get the best care for local patients.

Last summer, Alex went on a mission trip to the Domican Republic with HART. She was the only Optometry student on the trip, and embraced the whole experience. She really enjoyed meeting and working with local people, and was so happy to help everyone.

Beyond being an impressive Optometry student, she’s one of the most wonderful person in the world. She cares so much about her friends, and takes her patient care seriously as well. She works so hard at everything she does, and she absolutely deserves to be recognized after everything she’s accomplished since she started at UW


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