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November 2021: Sydney Goldstein

Sydney Goldstein is a 2nd year optometry student at the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, Illinois. She completed her BSc in Health Sciences from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2018. Her metamorphosis into higher learning inspired Sydney to contribute to the field of research, leading to her employment as a research assistant at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Mount Sinai Fertility Clinic, where she co-authored 2 publications.

Her decision to become an optometrist was made early in life. Her interest in the field of biological sciences began at a young age due to the presence of diabetes in her family, specifically seeing her grandfather's challenges with diabetic retinopathy. She was inspired to understand the nature of the disease and its potential to be managed. This was the initial catalyst in pursuing a career in optometry. Sydney’s journey in optometry began as an optometric assistant at a private practice in Toronto.

Sydney is actively involved in the student community at ICO; she was awarded Colleague of the Year, and was a notetaker for several classes. She is the vice president of ABLE, ICO’s mental health club. She is passionate about health that encompasses ocular, physical, and mental. She is an Academic Coach at ICO, where she is able to provide support to students and have a positive impact on their well-being both mentally and academically. Her role as an academic coach is to be a resource to help with time management, stress, test anxiety, and to be a listening ear. Sydney is also an active member in the Private Practice Club and Canadian Association of Optometry Students at ICO. She plans to return to Toronto, Canada to practice optometry, where she hopes to have her own practice. Outside of optometry, Sydney enjoys trying new restaurants, travelling, singing, working out, and hanging out with her dog. She wants to be a mentor to current and future students. Follow her on Instagram: @thewizardofeyes.

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