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OSI: Vision Entrepreneur

Carving a Path for New Graduates: Vision Entrepreneur

As you embark on your path as an eyecare providers, you likely have a destination in mind. However, one can quickly become overwhelmed by the journey ahead. Like many young graduates, you may be contending with impostor syndrome, especially regarding the business end of things.

An environment that fosters your vision is crucial to your journey. Indeed, while putting your roots down in a corporate clinic’s exam room pays the bills, it won’t present you with opportunities to develop your skills as a manager or future owner—and that’s why independent optometry matters!

Working in an independent practice bolsters your clinical learning opportunities while sharpening your skills as a future manager. You’ll learn all the hidden facets of the profession alongside experienced optometrists eager to help the next generation serve their communities.

Letting Your Vision Guide Your Journey

For those ready to take their first steps, OSI Group has developed Vision Entrepreneur: a personalized coaching program for anyone wishing to launch their own practice or partner with a clinic. Designed for Canadian optometrists who studied at home or abroad, the program focuses on business coaching, practice management, digital marketing, training, networking, financing, and so much more.

Currently, more than 900 clinics and 1,800 of your peers across Canada trust OSI Group as their partner. By joining our Vision Entrepreneur program, these independent professionals can help you carve out your own path.

The program is strategic, goal-oriented, and—most importantly—exciting! It’s also incredibly accessible to recent graduates with tightened belts. Ready to start your journey? Learn everything about our program here:

Already a clinic owner?

If your clinic is already running or about to open, an OSI Membership has lots to offer. Not only will you have access to the young talent pool from our Vision Entrepreneur program, but you’ll also benefit big-time from our buying group and industry-leading management software. Discover all the benefits of OSI Group has to offer today:

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