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UW Mentorship: Dr. Vick Chan

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Written by Nicole Chau and Joanne Jin

Our group had the pleasure of meeting virtually with Dr. Vick Chan from Chan Optometry in Markham. We were joined by his associate, Dr. Anthony Cheung, who shared with us some interesting perspectives on his experience as a new grad in the Greater Toronto Area. From our virtual visit, Dr. Chan talked to us about opening a practice, catering to cultural or ethnical groups (i.e. his practice primarily serves the Chinese population in Markham), managing staff and hiring associates as well as building a brand on and off-line. He also shared what it was like working as an optometrist during the pandemic and making adaptations for safe patient care. As students, we got to share our insights into learning and training during these unexpected times. Overall this was a very engaging experience as Dr. Cheung, who was tuning in from the office, was also able to give us a virtual tour.

Thank you for the opportunity!


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