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Why omega-3s may be appropriate for your dry eye patients

Dry eye syndrome is estimated to affect up to 25% of Canadians – that’s over 9.2 million

people! In 2014, the National Dry Eye Disease Guidelines for Canadian Optometrists

listed essential fatty acids EPA and DHA and omega-6 GLA as a long-term management

strategy for chronic dry eye syndrome.

NutraSea Dry Eye Targeted Omega-3 is specifically formulated with EPA, DHA and GLA to

help relieve and improve symptoms of dry eye syndrome, including support for proper

tear function.

Some features of this product include:

  • 1500 mg EPA + DHA and 150 mg GLA per serving

  • Available in liquid or soft gel format

  • Great Tasting

  • PureCheck verifiable – NutraSea omega-3 fish-oil tests are reported on to ensure their quality and purity level meet industry standard.

Omega-3 fatty acids are an established management strategy for dry eye symptoms. Click here to

learn more about NutraSea Dry Eye products.


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