Your Work Environment Matters

In job satisfaction surveys, a positive work environment and great culture often rank higher than salary. Optometrists are not immune to this factor.

Hiring a staff that has the same level of passion about eyecare and service to your patients as you do is difficult. This is true for independent practices as well as big corporations. When you're running your own practice as a sole practitioner or your lease requires you to hire your own support staff, you're doubly affected by the environment at work. You're responsible for all of the stressors that come with being a doctor plus those that come with managing people. Being an employed doctor often means you have no control over who you work with, some environments will ignore bad behavior if the sales numbers are high

Bailey Nelson brings the joy to eyecare. We’ve created a culture which understands that associates and optometrists are happiest when they can be themselves. Being yourself can be something simple like wearing bright colors or telling corny or as I say cornea optometry jokes, to having the time to educate your patients, not rushed by an appointment book you don’t control.

Our lease agreement includes staff support. You don’t have the stress of finding the right people and training them. You don’t have to worry that the optical has different priorities in hiring than you’d have. We build exceptional teams based on our values.

Being in an environment where you are surrounded by people with a common goal of becoming the most loved brand in optometry and eyewear, truly makes a difference for your patients and for you.

If you’d like to learn more about opportunities with Bailey Nelson, let’s talk.

Laurie Lesser, O.D.

Eyecare Director Canada / UK

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